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Are Rodents Driving You Crazy?

Rodent Control

Rodents are the ultimate stealth critters. You rarely see them, and when you do, there may be dozens that you don’t see. Oh brother.

Rodents can squeeze into extremely small gaps to get into your home to find food or shelter. Or to find a place for a nest…

Once rodents build a nest somewhere, they can have young who grow quickly, mature, and breed as well. So within a year, one mouse or rat can turn into dozens! You want to make sure that the moment you suspect rodents you give us a call.

At EcoArmor Pest Defense, we want your home to become a fortress to these pesky rodents. We do this through inspections, then followed by treatments, if needed.


The first thing we inspect is the attic and identify the food and water source that these rodents are attracted to. Eliminating simple leaks and cleaning up crumbs around the home can help to keep these rodents under control. Also, we’ll identify the areas where the rodents are burrowing within the attic or crawlspace.

After this, we’ll inspect the exterior and identify all of the potential entry points into the home. After all, some rodents can squeeze through a hole about the size of a dime! After we identify these entry points, we’ll seal them and start creating your fortress.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks for controlling rodents:

  • Seal any openings greater than 1/4 inch in diameter in foundations, walls, fascia, and roofs. Screen vents and install door sweeps to prevent access. If rats are entering through floor drains, seal these with hardware cloth with mesh smaller than 1/2 inch. Install heavy-gauge kick plates at the base of any doors with evidence of rodent gnawing.
  • Remove or trim ground cover and other landscape plants to expose ground and discourage rodent travel ways and rat burrowing. Avoid landscaping that creates ideal habitat for burrows including stone walls with unsealed gaps. Remove mulch from building foundations to reduce harborage. Do not allow grass clippings or leaf litter to accumulate adjacent to school buildings.
  • Fix plumbing leaks and improve drainage to prevent water accumulation near the building. Clean gutters to prevent water retention.
  • Remove debris, clutter, or stored materials from the building exterior and adjacent areas to reduce harborage and permit proper cleaning and inspection. Remove clutter and items stored on floors in interior entryways, storage, and other areas to reduce harborage and permit proper cleaning and inspection.

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Being a veteran owned and operated company, EcoArmor technicians have faced some of the most difficult jobs around. The core values instilled into us throughout our military careers transfer over to our company. We have the highest standards around and you can rest assured that you will always receive an honest, professional, and quality service. Guaranteed.

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