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Winter Pests in Texas

Dec 24, 2018 | EcoArmor

When the weather turns colder, you may get some relief from the mosquitos, ants, and wasps that plague your summers, but that doesn’t mean that all pests are gone. Instead, the type of pests that are causing problems changes. Winter months are prime time for mice, rats, termites, spiders, and roaches. Keep these winter pests in check by using year round prevention methods and by scheduling regular pest control treatments.


Rodents are some of the biggest troublemakers during the cold months. Just like humans, they are in constant search of food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, homes provide everything they need. Four common rodents in Texas to watch out for are house mice, field mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. The two most important things you can do to prevent rodents is to seal the exterior of your home and keep your home clean and tidy. Home sanitation efforts may include: vacuuming regularly, sweeping up crumbs after meals, storing food properly, and emptying the trash frequently.


You can find roaches in Texas homes all year round, but winter is a time when they are often seen. German cockroaches are particularly troublesome during the winter because they love the warmer indoor temperatures. They live in areas that are dark, moist, and close to a food source. In a home, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are very common roach habitats. To decrease the chance of having roaches, keep your home clean and eliminate areas of excess moisture.


Texas is home to many different types of spiders, including the two most poisonous ones in the United States, the black widow and the brown recluse. Spiders will also move into homes as winter approaches. They like to live undisturbed in dark corners, storage areas, closets, basements, etc. Spider control can be achieved by sealing the exterior of your home, regularly vacuuming and de-webbing your home, and keeping clutter to a minimum.


You might be surprised to see termites on the list of common winter pests. Termites are most often seen during the spring and early summer when they swarm, but the unseen damage that they do continues all year round. Whether it is summer or winter, termites may be slowly chomping away at your home. Yearly termite inspections are critical, as well as knowing the signs of termites. If you notice mud tubes, termite frass, hollow sounding wood, moist spots on walls, or floor boards that are suddenly creaking, you should immediately contact a professional to inspect your home. The earlier you catch an infestation, the less time, money, and effort it will be to get rid of it.


Luckily, all of these pests can be managed through regular pest control. Preventative treatments and regular inspections will make your life much easier. EcoArmor Pest Defense is your best bet if you are looking for pest control in Anna, TX or pest services in Melissa, TX. We are a veteran owned and operated company that believes in the values of hard work, honesty, and integrity. Contact us today to start getting those winter pests under control.

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