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What You Need to Know About Spider Egg Sacs

Jan 28, 2019 | EcoArmor

Spiders tend to be one of the most feared insects around, so the idea of an egg sac filled with hundreds of baby spiderlings can cause major anxiety. If you have adult spiders in your home, chances are extremely high that you also have egg sacs hidden in it as well. If you want to keep the spider population from exploding, it is important to be able to identify and eliminate these eggs sacs before they hatch.

Spiderlings hatching from the egg sac of a common house spider by Richhoyer99 [CC BY 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

What do spider egg sacs look like?

Egg sacs come in a variety of shapes and textures, depending on the species of spider. They are created by weaving silk, much like how the spider spins its web. Most spider egg sacs are white, cream, or brown in color. They may appear smooth or fluffy, and can be round, teardrop-shaped, or even spiky. Even though there are many variations, one general rule is that the egg sac is typically similar in size to the spider that created it.

Where do you find spider egg sacs?

When outdoors, spider egg sacs may be found attached to leaves, branches, vegetation, wood, or the exterior of homes. They tend to be in dark places that are sheltered from predators and the elements. Indoor spider egg sacs are most often found in places like corners of rooms, in closets, and in storage areas.

How do you dispose of spider egg sacs?

Many people see a spider egg sac, and they immediately want to smash it. This is not a good idea because squishing it may cause all of the baby spiders to scatter all over your home. The right approach is to find a vacuum with a hose that can be used to suck up the egg sac without damaging it. After you are finished, seal the bag, and put it in an outdoor trash can. If you can not reach the egg sac with your vacuum cleaner, a broom wrapped with a piece of cloth can be used to sweep the egg sac off, and then you can dispose of it. You can also use this method on the outside of your home, or you can spray a strong jet of water to eliminate the egg sac.

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