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What You Need to Know About Argentine Ants

Apr 15, 2019 | EcoArmor

Ants are extremely common household pests, and one of the most prevalent species is the Argentine ant. They may be small creatures, but they can cause big headaches. Argentine ants are particularly difficult because they are an invasive species that can not only cause frustration, but also do major harm to the local ecosystem by displacing native plant an animal species. Argentine ants are native to South America, but have rapidly spread throughout the world. One reason they have been so successful is the fact that their genetic make-up has changed very little between different groups, so they do not fight each other, but instead group together to form super-colonies that may consist of millions of members. They are, however, very aggressive toward other ant species, making it difficult for native ants to survive.


What do Argentine ants look like?

Argentine ants are a small species of ant that only grows up to about 3 mm in length. They are light to dark brown and may appear shiny because of their hairless bodies. As with all ants, they have six legs, a well-defined waist, and segmented antennae.


Where do Argentine ants live?

This species of ant lives in shallow nests, but will also move into old nests left by other ants. They can mostly be found under rocks, loose leaf litter, wood, etc. During times of difficult weather, they will enter homes to find food and shelter.


How do you get rid of Argentine ants?

Argentine ants spread rapidly by forming sub-colonies. This is possible because there are multiple queens in each nest. When the colony has grown to large or they sense danger, they will “bud” off and several members will start a new colony nearby. This behavior makes controlling Argentine ants a little more complicated than some other species. Using a contact spray or pouring boiling water on the nest is unlikely to eliminate the problem because the satellite colonies will continue and may even break off into more nests if they sense danger.   One of the best methods of getting rid of Argentine ants is through baiting. The worker ants will gather the poison bait and take it back to the rest of the colony. The bait will then be shared around to the other members, as well as the queens. Once the queens have been killed, the colony will no longer be able to survive.

Argentine ants swarming around ant bait

Thmazing [Public domain]


Where can I get help with Argentine Ants?

If you live in Anna, TX, Melissa, TX, or the surrounding area, your best bet for help with ants is EcoArmor Pest Control. You won’t find more reliable service, expert advice, or quality products anywhere. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For Anna, TX pest control, contact EcoArmor Pest Control today.

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Weldon H.