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Wasp Control

Jul 3, 2019 | EcoArmor

Summer marks the return of wasps in Texas and across the United States. Not only are wasps annoying, but they can also be painful and potentially dangerous for some individuals. Avoid interrupted outdoor parties and nervous family members by learning how to identify and control wasps.


Bees vs Wasps

While bees can also cause some anxiety when they are too close to homes and families, they are extremely important pollinators, and as such should be protected as much as possible. Most varieties of bees can only sting one time, and they are not usually aggressive.

Wasps, on the other hand, can be very aggressive. They can sting multiple times. They also tend to live close to humans by building their nests along the eaves of homes, and raiding trash cans for sweets. Wasps can cause quite a lot of disturbance if left unchecked. While wasps are also pollinators, there are definitely times when control is needed.



Wasps and bees may seem a lot alike, but there are a few defining characteristics that can help you tell them apart. Honeybees are about 2.5 cm long, and tend to be black or brown with orange or yellow stripes. They are cylindrical in shape and are hairy to help them carry the pollen more effectively. 

Wasps are similar in color to bees, but have a very different body shape. They have a narrower body with a pinched waist. Wasps also tend to have skin that is smooth and shiny. 



A wasp with its narrow, pinched waist


Wasp Control Methods

Wasp control involves sanitation, exclusion, and chemical methods. It is often most effective when homeowners and pest control specialists work together to solve the problem. Here are some tips for controlling wasps.

  • Clean up any crumbs or spills when eating outdoors, as wasps are very attracted to sweets.
  • Keep trash cans covered with a tight-fitting lid
  • Empty the garbage regularly
  • Seal the exterior of your home to prevent them from coming indoors
  • Take care of wasp nests early in the year before there are too many wasps– We suggest hiring a professional, but if you choose to do it on your own, always do it at night when the wasps aren’t active and follow all directions on the wasp spray.
  • Only knock down nests after all the wasps have been killed


Anna, TX Wasp Control

As the summer progresses, the wasp nests will grow larger, and the wasps will be in search of sweeter, human food. Late summer and early fall tend to be the most difficult time for homeowners dealing with wasps. If you need help with Anna, TX pest control around your home and yard, contact EcoArmor Pest Defense today. At EcoArmor, we know that the best offense is a great defense!

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