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Preventing and Controlling Silverfish

Apr 27, 2020 | EcoArmor

Silverfish are common in Texas homes and thrive during times of heat and humidity. With their unnerving appearance and movements, silverfish are definitely unwanted guests. They can also attract larger more dangerous bugs and damage your property, so silverfish prevention and control is essential.


Silverfish Identification

Silverfish are brown or silver-colored insects that are approximately one inch in length. They are tear-drop shaped with metallic looking scales on their body that can make them shimmer. Their coloring, along with their wiggling motions make them resemble a fish. Silverfish love moist areas, so basements, bathrooms, and kitchens will attract them. They can run fast, but they do not climb well, so they are often found trapped in bathtubs and sinks.



Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)


Problems with Silverfish

Although silverfish are not considered dangerous, they can cause a lot of damage to property and attract unwanted pests. Silverfish eat various carbohydrates like sugars and starches. They will eat everything from pantry staples like oats and flour to home furnishings like carpets, wallpaper, and curtains. One of their favorite meals is paper that may be found in books, magazines, newspapers, and documents. Not only do they put holes in the things that they feast on, but they can also secrete a yellowish substance that will stain things. Silverfish are also one of the favorite foods of other creatures like centipedes, earwigs, and brown-recluse spiders. An infestation of silverfish can attract these to your home.


Prevention and Control

As with most problems, prevention is cheaper and easier than trying to  fix the problem later. Try these methods to prevent silverfish:

  • Seal cracks and gaps on the outside of your home with caulk, weatherstripping, or expandable spray foam
  • Clean your home frequently to prevent crumbs
  • Store food correctly, either in the refrigerator or in sealed containers
  • Remove excess moisture around your home by fixing leaky pipes and faucets, correcting landscaping, and using a dehumidifier
  • Get regular perimeter treatments from a professional pest control company to keep silverfish and other pests away from your home


If you need help preventing silverfish or controlling a current infestation, EcoArmor Pest Control can help. We have a treatment plan that is right for you that will target everything from rats and mice to termites, ants, and spiders. At EcoArmor Pest Control, we use eco-friendly options and industry-leading technology to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our service. If you need Anna, TX pest control, contact us today.

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