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Is something pestering your family?

Pest Control in McKinney, TX

EcoArmor Pest Defense is a professional pest control company in Texas with years of experience. Our professional staff and technicians will be there to ensure that no matter how big or small the pest problem is, we will solve it effectively.

Anytime of the year you call, we will be there ready to help. Our technicians use products that have advanced and proactive treatments that are specifically tailored towards treating the seasonal behavior of pests.

General Pest Control

Our general pest control service includes dealing with ants, spiders, centipedes, and many more . If you ever notice any of these pests lurking around in your home, all you need to do is give EcoArmor a call and get a free quote.

Before we even start the process, we do a thorough inspection of your house and property. This inspection is no cost to you. After the inspection is complete, we will provide you with our documentation containing all the details. We will then explain how and when we will treat your home.

Rodent Control

Nobody likes rats and mice in their home. These pesky critters get into your food storage and carry bacteria and diseases. Make sure to give EcoArmor a quick call before the problem gets any worse.

As little as these pests appear, rodents are a major issue for many homeowners in McKinney. Our experienced technicians know where rodents love to hide and how to block off their entry points to prevent them from entering your home. If they come back in between visits just give EcoArmor a call and we can come and take care of the problem.

Wasp Control

Wasps are most common in summer. If not dealt with, they can build up their nest outside your house or even in the attic which can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

At Eco Armor, we have experts who carry wasp control treatment everywhere they go. We are well aware of the places where these wasps commonly build their nests and hide. Our treatment process is very flexible and 100% pet and family friendly.

Spider Control

Our spider control service will ensure that your house is properly inspected and treated. We will ensure that the spider webs and any sources that might be attracting them to your house are removed. We will remove spiders from your house but also make sure that they don’t have a reason to enter again.

Ant Control

The biggest problem with ants is that they never come alone. Ants form huge colonies spread like a wildfire throughout your house. These pests hide in small cracks and holes. Before you know it you see them all around your home.

A bite from these small insects can cause real pain, rash, and itchiness.


EcoArmor Pest Defense Can Help

When you call EcoArmor Pest Defense for pest control, we’ll start by inspecting your property. We understand where Fire Ants live and breed, so you can be confident that we’ll take them out the first time.

Call us at 214.585.7145 or fill out the form for more information.

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Being a veteran owned and operated company, EcoArmor technicians have faced some of the most difficult jobs around. The core values instilled into us throughout our military careers transfer over to our company. We have the highest standards around and you can rest assured that you will always receive an honest, professional, and quality service. Guaranteed.

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