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My Neighbor Has Termites… What Should I Do? 

Aug 24, 2020 | EcoArmor

When you see a big termite fumigation tent go up on your neighbor’s house, you might get anxious and frustrated. If they have termites, does that mean you do too? What is the best way to proceed? Your pest control specialists at EcoArmor Pest Defense have all the answers to your urgent termite questions.


Fumigation Tent

Termite fumigation tent


If a neighbor has termites, is my house affected?

The answer to that question is “not necessarily”. Just because a neighbor’s house has suffered termite damage does not mean that yours has too. This is especially true if you have been valiant in keeping up with termite prevention and control measures. Termites at a neighbor’s house does, however, alert you to the fact that there are termites very close by, and they can easily come to your house next. If you have not had a termite inspection recently, it is a great idea to schedule one with a trusted pest control company. An inspection will help you know what further steps you need to take. EcoArmor offers free termite inspections.


Will my neighbor’s termite treatments flush the termites to my house?

Some pest control products are repellents, meaning they turn pests away from an area. In these cases, it is possible that nearby neighbors who are not keeping up with their pest control may see an increase in household pests because of these treatments. Most termite treatments, however, are non-repellent. This means that the termites do not know that a termiticide has been applied. They move through it without sensing it. This allows them to carry the product or bait back to the nest and share it with the rest of the termites. In this way, you can successfully eliminate the whole colony, including the queen. Because of these new treatment options, it is unlikely that your neighbor’s termites will suddenly flock to your home.


Do I need to have my house treated for termites?

Termite treatments can be costly and should not be started just because you are nervous about your neighbor’s problems. Instead of rushing into these treatments, we recommend to get a termite inspection first. If the inspection shows that you do not have a current infestation, it would be wise to start doing some preventative measures around your home like installing a termite baiting system. An EcoArmor technician can walk you through all the different services we offer. If the inspection shows that you do have an active infestation, then you can move forward with a customized treatment plan.


Anna, Texas Pest Control

Termites can be a real headache if you are caught unprepared, but you don’t have to be! Don’t wait until the termites are at your door before learning more about the many pre-emptive options that are available. For information about termite control in Anna, TX, check out EcoArmor Pest Defense. At EcoArmor, we know that the best offense is a great defense.

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