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Common Pest Rodents in Texas

Dec 30, 2019 | EcoArmor

Rodents are known to spread diseases, contaminate food, and cause fire hazards by chewing through electrical wires. If you notice signs of rodents in your home, you will want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Baits and traps are common rodent control measures, but in order for them to be effective, you need to have an idea of what kind of rodent you are dealing with. Mouse traps will simply not work if you are trying to catch a rat and vice versa. Today, we will help you identify the three most common pest rodents that we have in Texas.


The Norway Rat

The Norway rat is the largest of the pest rodents, growing up to 11 inches long and weighing up to a pound. Norway rats may also be called brown rats, sewer rats, or common rats. They can be identified by their blunt, rounded noses, small black beady eyes, and small ears. They most often have brown or gray fur. Norway rats are commonly found along rivers, in sewers, in wood piles, and around garbage. They live in burrows in the ground and sometimes on the main level of homes.


The Roof Rat

Roof rats are larger than mice, but are often significantly smaller than Norway rats. Roof rats get their name because they are excellent climbers and often enter homes through the roof and will live on the upper levels of buildings. Roof rats are also known as black rats or ship rats. These rats average about 5-7 inches in length, with a very long tail that can reach 9 inches long. They can be black, gray, or brown in color with a lighter underside. Another distinguishing feature is their large, hairless ears. 


The House Mouse

House mice are extremely common household pests and nearly every homeowner will probably have to deal with them at some point. They have gotten very used to living in homes alongside humans, and some may spend their whole lives indoors. House mice are 3-4 inches long with an approximately 3 inch long tail. They can be brown, gray, or black in color and have large rounded ears and small beady eyes. House mice are fast runners and can squeeze through a hole as small as a dime. 


field identification of domestic rodents

Rodent Guide via Wikimedia


Anna, Texas Rodent Control

Rodents can multiply rapidly, so it is important to take care of the problem as soon as possible. If you need help with rodent control in Anna, TX or surrounding areas, contact EcoArmor Pest Defense. We offer eco-friendly options, industry-leading technology, and guaranteed results. With EcoArmor Pest Defense, you won’t have to worry about pests any more. Contact us today for more information. 

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