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Carpenter Ants in Texas

Jul 31, 2019 | EcoArmor

During the spring and summer, ants can seem like a constant, never-ending problem. Once they find a way into your house, getting rid of them becomes a real challenge. While some ants are simply annoying, carpenter ants can actually do real damage to your home. Save yourself money, time, and energy by learning to identify and prevent these pests.



Distinguishing between ant species can be a challenge, but carpenter ants tend to be larger than most other ant species in the area. Worker carpenter ants are typically about ¼ -⅜ inches long. There are many different species of carpenter ants that range in color from yellow to red to black. One of the most common species in Texas has a black abdomen and a reddish-brown head and thorax. You can distinguish the difference in ants and termites because ants have elbowed antennae and small pinched waists with a single node that separates the abdomen and thorax.


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant by April Nobile / © via Wikimedia



Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. Instead they chew tunnels in the wood in order to create nests. Carpenter ants usually nest in decaying or rotting trees outdoors, but if they get inside a home, they will create nests in wall voids, window and door frames, porches, roofs, and other places, especially those affected by moisture. Carpenter ants are classified as wood-destroying insects, so not only can they damage your home, but they can also affect real estate resale value.


Signs of Carpenter Ants

  • Presence of large, winged ants (reproductive swarmers)
  • Piles of saw-dust looking material in corners or near wood 
  • Crackling sounds coming from walls
  • Discarded wings on window sills
  • Damaged wood with tunnels that appear smooth inside


Carpenter Ant Control

If you suspect that you may have carpenter ants in Anna, Texas and surrounding areas, call the professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense. We are a veteran owned and operated company that prides itself on honesty and quality service. For Anna, Texas pest control, you won’t find better than Eco-Armor Pest Defense. 

“Jordan is a consummate professional. We had gone to Florida for an extended weekend and had some ant setup residency while we were gone. Jordan was out the following Thursday morning and by the time I had gotten home from work, the ants had been evicted. Extremely satisfied with my results! Ask for Jordan.”

Weldon H.